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Maximise efficiencies, empower employees and improve the user experience of both internal and external clients.

Our structured, yet lightweight approach to the capture of operating models facilitates ongoing process control and governance, allowing your process owners to improve and automate your business.

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Are you wasting time, money and precious opportunities?

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Operating Models

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Barriers to Improvement

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Automating without Understanding

We can help.

Define your Operating Model


Consistent. Traceable. Efficient.

Deploy Opmodal and keep all of your processes – past, present and planned – in one easily searchable library, capturing the data in a living, persistent operating model, and eradicating repeated spend on process discovery & documentation. 

Opmodal is a standardised, consistent & connected operating model tool, using Lean Six Sigma SIPOC process mapping to capture your business processes.

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Barriers to Improvement?

Change Management Framework

Empower  -  Explain  -  Envision  -  Enable  -  Execute  -  Evaluate

Give your process owners the environment and mechanisms to implement meaningful improvements in their operating model with the

       Change Management Framework

Designed to give clarity of mandate, process, existing hurdles and requirements, our standardised set of artefacts and tools strip away the noise to get your teams where they need to get to – improved processes – as efficiently as possible.

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Automating without Understanding?

Automation Framework

Supporting your journey to Intelligent Automation.

Our Intelligent Automation Framework is a structured approach for bringing emerging technologies, such as robotic process automation (RPA), low code application development platforms, advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), into the heart of businesses.

The framework provides a mechanism for driving and sustaining process automation, ensuring each specific project’s objectives are both met and delivered in a consistent and repeatable manner, and aligned with an overall automation strategy.
Our development team can also undertake bespoke automation integration & development projects.

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