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Automation Framework

Supporting your journey to
Intelligent Automation.

Our Intelligent Automation Framework is a structured approach for bringing emerging technologies, such as robotic process automation (RPA), low code application development platforms, advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), into the heart of businesses.

The framework provides a mechanism for driving and sustaining process automation, ensuring each specific project’s objectives are met and delivered in a consistent and repeatable manner, and aligned with an overall automation strategy.

Our development team can also undertake bespoke automation integration & development projects.

Overcome the challenges and reap the rewards of automation

Intelligent automation is set to be at the heart of the digital transformation journey over the next few years creating many opportunities to add value. Implemented correctly and with the right level of autonomy Intelligent Automation will empower your employees to remove mundane and time-consuming tasks and streamline them to create efficiencies, giving them the freedom to take on more complex and valuable work. 

Starting and sustaining successful automation projects is no easy feat and can seem daunting. 


  • Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by the breadth of service providers and technology platforms. Who do you trust and how do you know what will succeed?

  • Maybe your organisation has jumped headfirst into the concept of automation, but now lacks a coherent strategy and doesn’t know how to push forward with full implementation?

  • Or have you seen some successes but are now stuck on what processes to automate next?

No matter where you are in your automation journey, we can add value and take out the uncertainty with our Intelligent Automation Framework. 


An overview of the Automation Framework

The Automation Framework has three phases: Initiation, Mobilisation and Maturation

Each phase is part of a carefully calibrated process designed to build a repeating loop of successful deployments through the construction of a digital culture and strategy. Each stage is designed to carefully cultivate a piece of the transition towards automation using the same workflows and templates. 

This will allow you to bring in stakeholders across the business, train them in the process and value of automation while developing, delivering and supporting automation.

The result is an established and embedded Intelligent Automation Centre of Excellence.

Start your journey towards an in-house Automation Centre of Excellence with a robust and agile Governance Framework.

Phase 1 - Initiation

Define & Assess

What are the key elements of this phase?

  • Assess process suitability and automation requirements

  • Initial training & experience

  • Proof of Concept and initial program set-up

  • Design Target Operating Model and governance framework

  • Forecast benefit and prepare the business case

  • Create Automation Roadmap

Phase 2 - Mobilisation

Embed & Run

What are the key elements of this phase?

  • Engage business stakeholders and develop champions

  • Run the automation programme in partnership with the client team

  • Accelerate training, education & experience

  • Follow robust change management using LiqidSolutions E6 Process Excellence Framework

  • Adapt & refine automation methodology

  • Establish the Intelligent Automation Centre of Excellence

Phase 3 - Maturation

Transform & Grow

What are the key elements of this phase?


  • Automation-enabled transformation

  • A fully mature Centre of Excellence

  • Scalable, flexible and agile business

  • Empowered, energised and engaged employees  

  • Capture & report benefits

  • Promote best practice

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