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Meet the Team

Helping leaders deliver on their commitments


The LiqidSolutions team are a blend of program managers, change business experts, business analysts and technology geeks with over 100 years’ experience. We work with you to understand, simplify and solve your problems. 


We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Colin Kerr 

Chief Executive Officer 

A Consultant Programme Manager with financial services experience in asset management and investment operations.

Nicholas Ross MBA

Chief Product Officer


Business Analyst and Operations Consultant with a background in IT, Change and Operations within asset management and insurance.


Neil Fraser

Chief Innovation Officer


Business Strategy and Innovation Consultant with extensive experience gained in Operations and IT within Asset Management and Investment Banking.

Graham Henderson

Chief Financial Officer


A Chartered Accountant and Financial Consultant, specialising in company restructures and complex financial planning.​


Ameet Ayare

Chief Technology Officer  


Experience gained in Investment, Retail & Wholesale Banking. Proven track record in designing & delivering financial applications and RPA solutions.​


We give you support you need, when you need it

We don’t do short term thinking.

Our goal in every project is to build long-term relationships that make a long-term difference. We coach and inspire your teams to deliver effective business benefits through change that lasts, by building and supporting a process excellence culture.

Our services range from basic framework application, through delivery teams, to a fully outsourced change partnership combining the best of both. With our skills and systems, you can build on each success with portfolios of products that meet customer needs, creating a cycle of continual improvement through continuous learning.


Helping leaders deliver on their commitments

Our approach is designed to help leaders succeed by empowering them with the right information and a proven change management framework that helps them each step of the way.


We help keep processes accountable, understandable and manageable, meaning you can consistently innovate and reach your goals in a cost-effective, rapid manner.


So, what are you waiting for, change your business for the better with LiqidSolutions!

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