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Consistent. Traceable. Efficient.

Deploy Opmodal and keep all your processes – past, present and planned – in one easily searchable library, capturing the data in a living, persistent operating model, and eradicate repeated spend on process discovery & documentation. 

Opmodal is a standardised, consistent & connected operating model tool, using Lean Six Sigma SIPOC process mapping to capture your business processes.

What is                       ?

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Opmodal is our one-stop shop that allows business leaders to see all their businesses processes through a single tool that brings it all together in a clear, concise, consistent package.


Opmodal gathers the key data that underpins your operating model – Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs and Customers (SIPOC) – and turns it into meaningful, actionable insight through intuitive dashboards, structured document libraries, clear process maps and a robust review & sign-off mechanism.


It puts you back in complete control, creating a consistent way to input information and a reliable output that can be immediately understood through a clean, searchable repository, making process analysis and discovery a breeze.


Deploy Opmodal today to sweep away complexity, cut costs and usher in a new age of clarity.

Why use Opmodal?

  • Is keeping track of all your business processes time-consuming, confusing, and costly?

  • Do you have process artefacts spread across files and formats?

  • Is your operating model documentation constantly lagging behind the reality of your business?

  • Are you repeatedly spending money on resources documenting the ‘As Is’ process, rather than focusing their time and efforts on developing a more efficient future state?

  • Is process discovery and impact analysis a slog?

If you recognise any of these issues in your business, then this is the right solution for you and your enterprise. 

Bring it all together, slash costs and step-up productivity with Opmodal

Opmodal Capabilities


Opmodal creates an environment for complete consistency on every project and process. Automatically categorised data puts an end to unstructured documents and allows standardisation and process management that will enable you to run your business smoothly.


Opmodal allows any step in a process to be defined as a sub-process in its own right. This creates the ability to capture limitless levels of detail and a linked chain of ‘Value’. Use this feature to clearly link related processes and map this to business value chain models.


A robust review and sign-off workflow ensures that your operating model remains current, and that risk is accounted for at each step.

Opmodal can scale with your business as you need. 


The step-by-step mapping of each process will allow you to trace the status of any ongoing process, the steps involved, the level of risk, the process business owner and the teams and suppliers involved. With Opmodal you have process transparency and clear business accountability. 


The system automatically creates a searchable repository of processes. Combine this with the ability to create ‘Future State’ variants as part of a project and vastly reduce repeated spend on process discovery and impact analysis.


Opmodal provides the ideal gateway to process improvement & intelligent automation initiatives. It facilitates the capture and assessment of a catalogue of processes, allowing you to see what the prime candidates for efficiency improvements are.


Reduce time spent on project management and shrink the discovery phase of projects. Generate process packs for stakeholders in seconds rather than hours with the Opmodal Deck Builder and end out-of-date documentation. 


Opmodal’s Lean Six Sigma SIPOC maps remove the temptation to overcomplicate. No matter how complex the process, you can break it down into steps defined by sub-processes, allowing simplicity on the surface, but the depth to provide detail where required.


Opmodal is deliberately designed to be easy to use and immediately intuitive. We can also help by way of training, or consultancy to help embed the use of the product in your projects.

Key information ‘Live’ and at your fingertips

Opmodal puts the ownership of the operating model back in the hands of your leaders. By creating a live, consistently up-to-date version of your operating model on one always-accessible platform, you are now completely in control.


Understand attributes of every process you own, view connected processes and immediately identify who the key stakeholders are in one easy repository.

Keeping projects on track

Stop project cost and time overruns with well-defined operating model components that allow designation of mitigation or resolution tasks. Remediate any identified business risks, issues, or operational events quickly from within Opmodal.

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Building for the future

Opmodal is an ideal gateway for your process improvement & Intelligent Automation initiatives. Understand which processes are best suited to feed your initiative with a solid pipeline of efficiency improvement candidates.


Work in partnership with our experts and combine Opmodal with our process excellence and automation frameworks to create an agile, transparent, and resilient business fit for the future.

Enjoy the overview video below, and click here for a more detailed look at the functionality in Opmodal.

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